Case Studies

Case Studies

Texas CASA

Background:  Texas CASA is a statewide non-profit with poor brand recognition as the most important entity to help get children out of the foster-care system and into loving homes through a network of volunteers who help speak up on behalf of children.  With the growth of the Hispanic population in Texas, recruiting Hispanic volunteers was critical to meet the needs of Hispanic children.

Solution: We did a logo update to better explain what Texas CASA is and does. We developed a state-wide digital campaign using geo-fencing around churches and schools in high Hispanic areas to tap volunteers with the right mindset to help and creative messaging that created urgency.

Results:  Our campaign generated a 30% increase in Hispanic volunteer applications and Texas CASA saw its highest ever website traffic.  Just 10 days into the campaign, Texas CASA reached the milestone of 5,000 “likes” on Facebook as well as a 135% increase in engagement.  Digital ads generated click thru rates 5 to 7 times the national average.

Video produced for TV and digital use promoting volunteering


Spanish Version

Adolphus Rice Latin Selections

Background:  Adolphus Rice created a new line of bagged rice called Latin Selections, with an Hispanic-centric flavor palette.

Solution:  We launched the line in major Texas markets by targeting a bilingual/bi-cultural primary grocery shopper and the “ambi-cultural” who wanted a taste of home but fast.

Results:  The campaign generated skyrocking website visits and coupon usage with sales increasing dramatically.   Several additional flavor launches were planned.

TV spots from shows placed for advertising and brand/product awareness

Radio Spots for Adolphus Rice. Click on the icons below.

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Print Creative work done for Adolphus Rice.

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Affirmative Insurance – A-Affordable, USAgencies & InsureOne

Background:  Affirmative Insurance had struggling Texas sales in a very crowded and big-advertising spending category — the company had been black for 8 to 10 months.

Solution:   We implemented a 4-week pulse test strategy with a very small budget in key Texas markets with creative focusing on the simple idea of “everyone wants to save money”.

Results:  Significant increase in quotes and activations helped energize the sales force. Client saw a 20% increase in year over year sales and experienced the highest in-store traffic in 16 years due to the “savings bell”.

TV spots produced for Affirmative Insurance

YouTube captured images

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Radio Spots for Affirmative Insurance. Click on the icons below.

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Buffalo Wings & Rings

Background:  The Ohio franchise needed help launching in high Hispanic Texas markets as they had no tools or advertising to support the market.

Solution:  We developed a turn-key Grand Opening strategy which included Spanish language support materials,  grand opening events with local “officials”, community relations, grassroots efforts, franchisee recruitment and B-to-B campaigns for these new restaurants.

Results:  Laredo has become the top performing store in the country!   Facebook followers increased over 400% in just the first 2 weeks of initiating the program.

Print Creative and Facebook page work done for Buffalo Wings & Rings

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Humane Society

Background:  San Antonio had the dubious title of being #1 for Animal Cruelty, #1 for Pet Road Kill and #1 for Euthanasia — with over  100,000 dogs and cats put down or run over each year.

Solution:  Over a five year period we raised general awareness to spay and neuter pets and what it means to be a responsible pet owner — our call to action was “Be Humane”/”Sea Responsable”.

Results:  Animal cruelty reporting increased 5 times, adoptions increased by 95% and the number of spayed and neutered pets doubled, allowing for double the housing for adoptions.   In total, the commercials received over $100,000 in PR/airtime equivalent value and the Texas Federation of Humane Societies has made the spots available statewide.

TV spots produced for The Humane Society


Radio spots produced for the Humane Society

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Print Creative work done for the Humane Society

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City of San Antonio Solid Waste Recycle Bag

Background:  San Antonio was experiencing land fill issues and unsightly bags all over town due to the lack of recycling of plastic bags.

Solution:  We created a custom logo with a call to action “Change is in the Bag” to remind San Antonians just how easy it is to recycle and message grew virally on social media as well earned media.

Results:  Retailers saw a 126% increase in returned plastic bags in the first 3 months alone and the campaign garnered over 71 million media impressions between OOH, Radio and Online with an additional 1,000 You Tube hits in just weeks!

TV produced for the City of San Antonio’s Solid Waste/Recycle Bag awareness program


Website and Print produced for the City of San Antonio

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Background:  The SCOOTER Store was having poor results on their Spanish-language direct mail campaigns vs. the general market.

Solution:  Using our Escucha© process, we shifted the consumer insight for Hispanics to “the freedom to be near them” versus “wanting my independence”.

Results:  The campaign received 10 – 30% more effective response vs. control on various lists.

Print creative work done for The Scooter Store

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Germania Insurance

Background:  Germania is an insurance cooperative with a history of serving Texans for over 130 years.  With all of the big players coming into town, they needed a strategy that would help them stand out even though they would outspent.

Solution:  We developed state-wide strategic plans and creative campaigns that showed Germania is by Texans for Texans in over 100 markets.

Results:  The Property Campaign yielded a 20% growth in base and Life Insurance surpassed goal within 3 months.


TV spots produced for Germania Insurance

Radio spots produced for Germania Insurance

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Al’s Formal Wear

Background:  Al’s Formal Wear was losing market share to big national retailer, yet Hispanics offered an untapped opportunity.

Solution:  We  created a brand campaign that leveraged the insight that the female wants her guy to be transformed.  A new tagline, “Discover Your Formal Side”/”Descubre tu Lado Formal” and logo treatment made the brand relevant and more masculine.

Results:   The campaign increased awareness among Hispanics dramatically and generated new bridal leads at retail and online channels.  Campaign launch sales rally and new marketing initiatives greatly boosted employee morale.

TV spots produced for Al’s Formal Wear