5 Simple Reasons Your Analytics Might Be Wrong


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5 Simple Reasons Your Analytics Might Be Wrong

November 4, 2014

Did you know that 67% of consumer online transactions start with one device and are completed on a different device?  While seemingly innocuous, this represents a big issue for Big Data.  It means your measurement of unique visitors may not account for multiple devices consumers are accessing.

Take my recent experience of purchasing a “dream tent” for my family.  My husband and I did an exhaustive search for weeks of all of the features, brands, and consumer reviews.  Like dueling banjos, most of this research was conducted via our Smartphones in the evenings — one upping each other for the coolest new designs. Then at the moment of truth, once we had nailed it down to our top 2 picks, we switched to the desktop PC with the big screen … and bam, the purchase!

And it’s just the start of why your analytics may be wrong.  Because not knowing your visitor came in from different devices affects your conversion rates, which then affects your measurement of engagement and so on and so forth.  As if it wasn’t tough enough for us agencies to trust the accuracy of campaign results we are getting from our clients’ big data!  For more details, see the Comscore article link below.  #bigdata #dataanalytics


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