Context Should Be King Too!


Karla Fernandez Parker


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Context Should Be King Too!

January 15, 2015

How well are you leveraging your contextual targeting?  It might be a great ad, but if it’s not aligned with the user’s experience at that very moment, your message is just an unwanted intrusion.  There’s so much talk about content being king, but truth be told, context should be king too.   Contextual placement with the right message can make your ad believable and engaging in order to avoid being skipped over.

While listening to Pandora last week  I heard a Sleep Number Mattress ad that was a great example of well thought out contextual ad placement.  The ad cleverly made the connection that “you like to customize what music you listen to right now, but what about your mattress, does it let you customize too?”. Sleep Number aligned their message with the right contextual placement.  It’s a great example of just how powerful contextual targeting can and should be!