Hispanics Get Smarter with Big Shopping List


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Hispanics Get Smarter with Big Shopping List

November 12, 2014

Christmas is a paradoxical holiday for many working class Hispanics.  On the one hand, it’s the most wonderful season of special moments with family and friends but on the other hand it’s a stressful period of how to pay for a big shopping list.  Gifts are culturally a reflection of how much you value a person. With this as the bar, it’s no wonder Hispanics have to be resourceful.  And with larger families than the general market, there are more gifts to buy!

Enter at least a semblance of relief from this conundrum:  the smartphone. With Hispanics using smartphones to shop smarter, dollars can be stretched by doing research first.  According to a study by Think Now Research and Zpryme, U.S. Hispanic mobile buyers are more inclined to trust online product reviews as their most valued resource, and are over-indexing non-Hispanics. Approximately 36% of U.S. Hispanic mobile buyers actually search for experts’ advice vs. 26% of non-Hispanics.

That’s great news for this holiday when smarter shopping is a great thing!

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Hispanics Mobile Shopping

For more details, see the eMarketer article link below:

US Hispanic Mobile Buyers More Inclined to Buy, Research on Device