Latinas put Chatty Cathy to Shame, Where is Your Brand?


Karla Fernandez Parker


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Latinas put Chatty Cathy to Shame, Where is Your Brand?

November 20, 2014

It’s true, Latinas love to share gossip, cooking tips, home remedies, family news and anything interesting which offers an associated video or photo.  If it’s inspirational, funny, or emotionally moving, hitting the “share” button is irresistible.  According to Google, Hispanics are 4X more likely to share branded content vs. the general market.

Then there’s the fact that Hispanics are 40% more likely to even be using social media.  This brings me back to the title of this article, where is your brand in terms of creating relevant content for this key audience so willing to share?

It’s no wonder that in another Google study, 66% of Latinas wish for content  “For Latinas Like Me”.

Here’s the epiphany: there’s someone willing to talk about your brand, share it with her friends and do this more often!  This should mandate the initiative to create content that’s fresh, relevant and worthy of sharing for Latinas like Chatty Cathy, or in this case, Catalina.

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